Property insurance protects the insured from property damage or loss and personal liability exposure.  This type of policy provides protection from perils such as theft, fire, windstorm, vandalism, etc.  Extended coverage options may be added or increased by  a policy endorsement to pay for loss or damage to special items such a jewelry, business property, silverware, musical instruments, and more.  Every situation is unique and McBride Group will provide a specific plan to make sure that each specific client has adequate insurance coverage.





Luxury Home on Water

Type of Policy:





Homeowners are eligible only for the owner-occupant of the dwelling that is used for private residential purposes.  The dwelling has to be the principal residence of the insured.



Tenant Occupied Dwelling:


This Dwelling Policy is used to insure private residential property that is not occupied Renters Condoby the owner such as rental property.





The Condo Policy coverage includes real property for which the insured is responsible under their condo association agreement, and the insured's personal property.




Renters provides liability coverage and personal property coverage on the insured contents of covered losses.


Mobile Home:


Mobile homes are eligible if they are permanently located.




Property policies specifically exclude coverage resulting from flood damage.  A flood policy should be written in addition to the property policy to ensure adequate insurance protection.  Flood policies provide protection for direct loss to insured property such as buildings, contents, mobile homes on permanent foundations resulting on dry land from:


* Overflow of tidal or inland waters.

* Rapid or unusual rapid accumulation or runoff of surface waters.

* Mudflow produced by accumulation of water.

* Destabilization or collapse of land along the shoreline resulting from effect of waves, erosion, or water currents exceeding normal, cyclical levels.


Personal Umbrella Policy (PUP):


Provides Excess Liability Coverage over a personal primary policy such as homeowners and auto policy to increase the overall amount of protection.






Type of Coverage:


  • Dwelling

Pays damages or loss of movable personal property located in your home. There are certain limits that apply based on the homeowners form written.


  • Other Structures

This coverage applies to covered losses to related structures on the premises when they are separated by a clear space from the dwelling.  Structures attached to the dwelling by a fence or utility line are considered separate.


  • Personal PropertyIrish Home

Pays damages or loss of movable personal property located in your home. There are certain limits that apply based on the homeowners form written.


  • Loss of Use

Additional Living Expenses are paid if there is a covered loss to the property which caused the residence premises to be unfit to live in. The coverage pays for any necessary increase in living expenses required to maintain the household's normal standard of living.


A Fair Rental Value is paid at the time of covered loss, the lost rental value less any expenses that do not continue, such as an electric bill, etc.  This coverage typically applies to a Tenant Occupied Dwelling.


  • Personal Liability

Designed to provide protection to the insured if a claim is made or a suit is brought for damages of bodily injury or property damage caused by an occurrence to which coverage applies.


  • Medical Payments to Others

Pays for necessary medical expenses that are incurred or medically ascertained by an accident causing bodily injury.







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  • New Home
  • Central Fire Alarm
  • Central Burglar Alarm
  • Fire Extinguishers
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Deadbolt Locks








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**The feature icons displayed are a summary for informational purposes only. Review the evidence of coverage and insurance policy (plan contract) for a detailed description of coverage benefits, limitations, and exclusions.**