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A Personal Auto Policy covers damages resulting from noncommercial use of a personal automobile.  It is designed to cover family or individual use of an auto.  McBride Group will assist your situation by a customized policy design to fit any budget.  There are several general types of coverage included in personal lines auto insurance.





Type of Coverage




  • Liability Coverage

Pays damages for property damage or bodily injury for which any insured is at-fault due to an auto accident.  Personal injury protection may be covered for treatments resulting from an accident, including medical, lost earnings, rehabilitation, and replacement services.


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  • Medical Payments Coverage

Pays reasonable expenses for necessary medical and funeral services caused by an accident sustained by the insured. 


  • Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Pays damages that an insured is entitled to recover from the owner or operator of an uninsured / underinsured motor vehicle.


  • Collision Coverage

Pays to repair or replace insured motor vehicle in the event of an impact with another vehicle or object.


  • Comprehensive Coverage

Pays for damages for any other cause of loss which is not defined under collision coverage and which is not excluded from the policy such as fire, theft, windstorm, hail, flood, vandalism, riot, contact with a bird or animal, etc.

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  • Rental Reimbursement

This is an optional coverage that is available to those who add Collision and Comprehensive Coverage.  The endorsement pays a specific amount per day for the insured to rent a vehicle in the event that the covered auto is out of service due to a covered loss.


  • Towing and Roadside Assistance

Pays for towing, flat tire change, lockout service, emergency fuel service, battery jump-start, etc.








Collector / Antique Auto:





Collector / Antique Auto protection is very inexpensive.  To qualify for this coverage, it has been said that any vehicle 20-25 years old or older was considered a collectible / antique auto. Today this is not always the case. Automakers' production numbers significantly increased in the mid-1970's and quality standards fell. Because of this, there are some mid-1970's and 80's vehicles that are not  considered collectible.


57 Chevy

Other examples of vehicles that may qualify:


* Newer & limited production vehicles

* Trucks & other utility vehicles

* Modified: low riders, street rods, replicas, & tuners

* Retired commercial vehicles: fire trucks & other vehicles

* Motorsports:  pro-street & any raced vehicle

* Trailers

* Vehicles under restoration

* Military Vehicles

* Tractors


Collector / Antique vehicles that may qualify:


Collector Speedometer


Collector / Antique auto provides coverage for collector vehicles that are used on a limited basis — e.g. club functions, exhibitions, organized meets, tours and limited pleasure driving.



Collector vehicles must be stored in an enclosed and secure structure when not in use. Qualifying storage locations include private residential garages, private pole buildings or barns and rental storage units.

Collector Ford


Driver eligibility and driving history

Generally, one or two minor traffic violations or accidents are acceptable.  All household driving records are subject to review by an underwriter.


Regular-use vehicles

All household members with a valid driver’s license must have a regular-use vehicle for daily driving. Motorcycles and public transportation are not considered regular use vehicles for our program. Applicants must also maintain regular-use insurance in his or her own name.











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**The feature icons displayed are a summary for informational purposes only. Review the evidence of coverage and insurance policy (plan contract) for a detailed description of coverage benefits, limitations, and exclusions.**